Custom Steel String Guitar by Clayton Pledger
In a world of mass production, I feel that something as precious and beautiful as an instrument, which sings the music from the soul of the musician playing it, should always be built with finesse, care, and by hand.

Each guitar is created with the musician in mind. I strive to build a light but very strong guitar, with a crisp wood sound that projects and sustains every note and chord played.

Woods are picked by hand from my collection that sits in a controlled environment. The neck is carved and shaped to find the ultimate comfort for the player. The top and back are braced lightly to ensure maximum movement and resonance without compromising strength. Each brace is hand carved to allow movement and support where needed. Inlays and rosettes are all cut and set in by hand, adding aesthetics that please the eye.

All of my guitars are French polished. This means that the finish is applied by hand with an all natural shellac, which is created by the lac bug native to India and SE Asia. Shellac flakes are dissolved in alcohol, then applied to the instrument. This process leaves a very thin and extremely beautiful finish, with amber tones that expose the true essence of the wood. Because of the lack of mass from the finish, the resonant top and back are more free to move and sing as they are suppose to do.

It's all of the little details that make a big difference in how an instrument plays, feels, and sounds. As a builder, I know the importance of giving the wood the time and attention it needs to become the instrument it deserves to be.
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